Meal Planning 01.26.20

So I didn't keep my "promise" and post my meal plan for last week. That's okay though, it's hard having pregnancy brain lately. I honestly can barely remember what I did last week never mind dinners. That is why I am so thankful to myself that I make myself these plans. I may not use… Continue reading Meal Planning 01.26.20

Meal Planning Week of 1/12/20

I get overwhelmed in a grocery store.  I’m not ashamed of it, I’m sure everyone does thinking about what meals to make every week and always buying the same things. Think about it, you try something because it’s on sale without even asking your family if they might like it. Waste of money. Well, for… Continue reading Meal Planning Week of 1/12/20

My First Trimester

I found out I was pregnant with this bundle of joy at the end of September 2019. I hadn't even missed my period at that point. I just had that feeling. Some of you may know what I'm talking about. My husband didn't think so, but I had one symptom that finalized it. No it… Continue reading My First Trimester

My Everyday Makeup Routine

There are no affiliate links in this post. This is just so you can look at the products easier if you wish to check them out. I have a very basic routine that I do. Sure it varies on the weekday a bit from the weekends, so why not show off both? Weekdays, My weekday… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Routine